The practice is proud to be associated with the recent development of iconic institutional buildings like the new KDN/KA Tower in Bukit Aman, the new MACC headquarters, the federal tower in Melaka and various ministerial buildings in Putrajaya.

We have also successfully completed and are in the process of completing the expansion programs for Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman, The Australian International School, ISKL and Garden International School.


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Ministry of International Trade & Industry

Client Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd
Location Kuala Lumpur

ARC Partnership was the project Architect for the Design & Build project overseeing the project management & completion of 40-storey office building for Ministry of International Trade & Industry.

Bukit Aman Office Tower

Client Perwira Bintang Holdings Sdn Bhd
Jalan Parliamen, Kuala Lumpur

A soaring tower with the top roof designed based on the metaphorical interpretation of the traditional Malay peaked cap, tanjak, it salutes the surroundings with its sturdy and formal front facades paired with a dynamic curvilinear rear facade signifying the progressive quality of the police force in maintaining peace and order in our country.

KTAR Projects

Cyber Centre

Commendation in PAM Awards 2011
Education category

Client Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman
Location Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

2011 PAM Awards jury’s comments:

“Shopping-mall typology is used to good effect – it is colourful, youthful and energetic, suited to a college’s cyber centre.

The building represents a ‘modern learning shell’ infused with lifestyle elements. The internal administrative, teaching and learning spaces are designed to be transparent to light penetration from a main atrium, which also serves as a multi- functional pod and a gathering space for informal interaction.”

Admin Building


Location Kuala Lumpur

Federal House, Melaka

Location Melaka



Ministry of Domestic Trade

Location Putrajaya

Prime Minister’s Department B5 & B6

Location Putrajaya


Schools designed include Australian International School Malaysia and Fairview International School.

IDR University, Johor, Design Proposal

Client Iskandar Regional Development Authority
Location Iskandar, Johor

This multi-varsity enterprise complex is an iconic gesture hinged on a socially and environmentally responsible design with strong links to local culture and identity which exemplifies the future of education.